Why ReMax Villa Realtors?
Our job is to get your home to be SOLD at the highest price in the shortest time. No real estate company has a better plan for doing this than Re/Max Villa Realtors.

If you agree that our goals meet your goals, put our Systems to work for you.
ReMax Villa assures you that our professionally-trained real estate sales associates will bring qualified Buyers to your property.

Your goals are our goals!!!
We start with you.

You're an important part of our Home Marketing System. No one knows your home better than you. That's why we depend on your knowledge of your home and neighborhood to help us attract the right Buyers.

We begin by reviewing the features of your home with you. Then we discuss special characteristics that make your home stand out to Buyers looking for homes like yours. In fact, we start marketing your home before it's on the market. We have a constantly developing our "buyer pool" of qualified Buyers, some of whom may be interested in your home.

Our commitment to you is more than our finding a Buyer for your home. What matters is that the Right Buyer gets to your home. That's where our Home Marketing System shines. We make sure your home and its features are available to real estate professionals in your local market and across the United States in order to attract the Right Buyer which means more money for your home.

Pricing your home To get it SOLD.

Our Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) will assist in determining a realistic price range for your home, but you decide the actual listing price.

To obtain the best price possible for your home, We need to know:

How quickly you want the property to sell.
How you want to position your home in relation to competitive homes in establishing the asking price.
What you feel a Buyer will pay for your property.
We would rather you were disappointed now, than angry later on, if your house does not sell.
The Pricing Pyramid.
Pricing your home above market value reduces the number of prospective buyers willing to consider your home.
Pricing at the current market value increases the number of interested buyers. By establishing a realistic listing price, you will maximize the percentage of serious Buyers who will look at the property. The price you set and the level of interest you create should reflect your selling goals. Buyers comparison shop and our exclusive ReMax Villa merchandising System can show you how to prepare your home for sale.

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) shows what's happening in the local real estate market (what buyers are willing to pay for a home competing with yours, what they won't pay and which homes are competing with yours for the buyers' attention). It takes more than a yard sign and a smile to sell a home.
That's why we developed the Re/Max Villa Marketing System to help you.
At ReMax Villa our role is not to sell your home; our role is to cause your home to sell
Obtain the best possible price for your home
Get the most favorable terms
Sell in the shortest period of time
Do it with the least inconvenience to you
Manage the sale of your home. Homes aren't sold - homes must be marketed.
To manage the home selling process we use the exclusive programs and tools of ReMax Villa Realtors to mobilize, coordinate and facilitate the efforts of the entire real estate community through participation in the Multiple Listing Systems. We encourage all of the salespeople in the market to work at selling home - not just one agent or one firm.
Advertising alone is not enough with the exclusive Villa Marketing System We help you
Obtain the best possible price for your home
Define your selling goals and priorities
Take advantage of the upgraded home selling services available through ReMax Villa Realtors' Services
Merchandise your home to enhance its marketability
Expose your home to cooperating agents who are working with Buyers as well as to the Buyers themselves.